The Dimattina’s have a long, rich history in the coffee industry. Beginning in the 1950’s when our fathers started roasting coffee, the Dimattina name is now front and centre with the latest phase of the coffee dynasty, Dimattina Coffee.

Established in 1998, it was destined we would follow in our father’s footsteps and go into the addictive business of coffee for ourselves.

Once we made the decision to start operations as coffee wholesalers, we pursued our passionate love of coffee with zeal.

Our first-class readiness to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our customer, combined with the truly delicious coffee we produce, has created a loyal following we could never have anticipated. With plans to continue expanding to keep up with demand, we are humbled by the response to our coffee and will strive to continue creating a superior coffee experience for all our customers.



A very common question that we get asked is ‘What is the difference between a single origin and a blend?’  The answer is actually fairly simple.  A single origin is a coffee that comes from one specific, location. The location usually refers to an individual farm, processing station or cooperative but in some more broad

definitions it could refer to the country of origin. Specialty coffee in today’s world is almost always traceable back to the individual producer or farmer.  In fact there is a strong argument that a coffee should not be considered to be ‘specialty grade’ unless it can be traced back accurately.  All of Dimattina’s coffee can be traced back to the original producer.


Coffee comes in many forms and there are countless ways that it can be prepared. In order to provide you with the best possible home-brewing experience, at Dimattina we roast our coffee to two different degrees of development tailored to your preferred brew method; filter or espresso.

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