Filter or Espresso Roast

Coffee comes in many forms and there are countless ways that it can be prepared. In order to provide you with the best possible home-brewing experience, at Dimattina we roast our coffee to two different degrees of development tailored to your preferred brew method; filter or espresso.

Before the invention of the espresso machine, coffee was traditionally brewed by simply combining ground coffee and hot water and strained through some form of filter (be it cloth, paper or metal). This process usually takes anywhere from 2 – 5 minutes of brew time to fully extract the coffee’s optimal flavour. With the advent of the espresso machine (and therefore the introduction of high pressure brewing) the brew time was drastically reduced (20 – 30 seconds). While the increase in pressure serves to quicken the extraction, we are left with a highly concentrated form of coffee (an espresso) which, at lighter degrees of roast, can be overwhelmingly acidic to most people. To counter this intense acidity, we choose to increase our roast development when roasting for customers who use espresso machines. This gives the coffee a much sweeter and better-rounded quality which, in turn, gives you a much more pleasant coffee tasting experience.
Whether you prefer the intensity and body of an espresso-style coffee or the softer and brighter flavours of a freshly brewed filter coffee, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to specify your preferred roast style in the drop down menu when selecting your beans.

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