We Live and Breathe Coffee

Coffee is a globally renowned product for many reasons: it tastes great, it gives us that oft-needed caffeine hit first thing in the morning and it’s also a great social catalyst. For us, at Dimattina however, it is so much more. To us, coffee walks a tightrope between the realms of art and science; it is the embodiment of the never-ending pursuit for perfection. We are forever chasing the perfect extraction, the perfect roast profile, the perfect cup; we are driven by an insatiable passion for this humble product that transcends its perception as a simple beverage. We live and breathe coffee.

Infused in Tradition

The  Dimattina family has always had a close relationship with coffee. With roots stretching back to the early 1950’s, Dimattina has forged a reputation based on quality and sincerity within the Australian coffee sector. This reputation can be attributed not only to our passion for coffee as a product, but our involvement as part of the community. The way coffee is perceived in Australia has changed dramatically over the last few decades; globalisation, ethical consumerism and the rise of the third wave coffee movement have all had an impact, and Dimattina has been around for all of it. We continue to move forward in this ever-changing landscape, but we are always mindful of the history and tradition that has shaped our company.

Establised to Innovate

The old adage “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” rings true at Dimattina. Our company was founded to provide a service that goes beyond simply selling roasted coffee. Over the years we have pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a coffee roaster and have helped shape the industry as a whole. We’ve added new facets to the business, increased the scope of our knowledge and adapted to new trends and ideas within the industry. Above all, we keep our mind open to new concepts and are always looking to improve ourselves both internally and externally. We were established to innovate and will continue to do so.

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